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We can help you build an investment strategy that fits the unique objectives of your company and your employees. There are three distinct elements your strategy must include:

Organize: Our process helps guide investment decisions and strives to protect the investment committee. This includes the development of an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) which will serve as a road map for selecting and monitoring plan investments.

Formalize & Implement: We assist you in selecting a competitive list of investments that align with the needs of your employees. These investments may include index funds, mutual funds, collective investment trusts, managed accounts, target-date funds, and other options.

Monitor: As we periodically review your fund offerings, we will benchmark investment performance and expenses. Monitoring with the goal of ensuring investments remain consistent with plan objectives and IPS criteria is a critical part of the process. 

Many fiduciaries are in the dark: 49% of plan sponsors are unaware of their fiduciary status and duties [1]. This is a cause for concern. Failing to uphold fiduciary responsibilities, even by accident, could result in penalties and fines, or worse yet, sponsors can be held personally liable.  

As your retirement plan partner, we provide fiduciary training and help you implement a prudent process for managing your responsibilities as a plan fiduciary. 

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