Our Five-Part Approach to Qualified Retirement Plans

Fiduciary FocusedQualified Retirement Plans

Based on years of experience and industry knowledge, our exclusive Five-Part Approach to qualified retirement planning helps us provide a comprehensive, effective means of delivering dynamic service to you. Each component of our approach is individually managed by a specialized plan professional, helping ensure the overall investment plan is executed accurately and efficiently.



1. Plan Design Assistance and Document Support

In coordination with independent third party retirement plan administrators, we are dedicated to providing education on plan design and operational features. We can help you create a plan designed to attract and retain important employees.

With more than a century of combined experience providing assistance with designing investment plans, our knowledgeable team not only helps you build a retirement plan suitable to your unique business objectives, but also assist in the preparation of the Investment Policy Statement.

2. Plan Compliance Education and Administration Support Services

Once the plan is designed, you will need a hands-on administrative consultant to make your plan work.

In conjunction with your third-party administrator, we are able to offer comprehensive compliance assistance and administrative support services for qualified pension and profit-sharing plans.

An experienced consultant is assigned to you—along with a corresponding, dedicated support team—to act as a single point of contact to help ensure the delivery of prompt, consistent and personal service.

3. Record Keeping and Reporting Assistance

We are not a record keeper, but we know some good ones. Record keepers are responsible for keeping track of participant account balances, source of funds, process contributions and disbursements, track loans and much more. As part of our advisory services, we can recommend some service providers and then work with them to bring everything together while creating a strategy that addresses the plans investment objectives.

Record keeping features include:

  • Daily valuation of accounts
  • Trustee and custodial services
  • Plan sponsors reports, participant statements and custom enrollment solutions
  • Fully integrated with multiple trading platforms allowing access to a wide array of mutual funds, collective trust and investment options
  • Loan and distribution processing
  • 404(a)(5) reporting assistance

4. Investments and Fiduciary Process

It is crucial that you have a team of trained and experienced professionals behind you to help you ensure that the plan is being operated in accordance with the guidelines of ERISA.

Financial advisors of Northeast Retirement Plan Advisors are qualified by education, training and experience to act as investment co-fiduciaries under ERISA. We offer fiduciary education designed to deliver assistance for plan management through independent guidance and monitoring, administered by credentialed, trained professionals.

Through the LPL Financial Retirement Plan Consulting Program (RPCP) we can help:

  • Prepare and Review an Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Recommend and monitor which investments you use
  • Perform the following on an annual basis:
  • Ongoing investment monitoring and recommendations
  • Performance reporting and benchmarking services
  • Education services to plan committee
  • 404(c) assistance with broad range requirements
  • Service provider liaison
  • Help you identify Qualified Default Investment Options
  • Employee education, enrollment and assistance with plan changes 

We can also perform on a project basis:

  • Fee analysis to help you comply with 408(b)2
  • Plan Search and Vendor Analysis

5. Employee Communications

Your employees need to know how this entire process works in order to make the plan work for them. We have several programs designed to help them understand what their options are. During our enrollment meeting and educational presentations, your employees will learn about:

  • How to access the plan website
  • How successful savings help create retirement independence
  • Risk evaluation
  • Asset allocation 

Through our easy to comprehend educational brochures and newsletters and an employer approved program, the participants will be continuously updated on retirement plan benefits and financial market conditions